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 Whether you want to lose weight, get your cholesterol in order, or manage your diabetes to waive off any future health complications; 

Or are going through a tough time, have had a recent scare or have been diagnosed with something and want to know how diet and lifestyle changes can help, then it is the right time for Choosing2Change. We provide clear cut clinical and evidence based advise to support you in making realistic and achievable goals, changing your behaviour and relationship with food and giving you the tools and skills you need to make more mindful and healthier choices. By working closely with a dietitian, your journey will involve developing habit and perception change, striving towards optimisation of self, and coming up with new mindful ways of overcoming day to day hurdles that we naturally face when trying to be a Healthier Happier You. 

What We Do

Diet Therapy


 'Dietitian' is a legally protected title assigned to Clinical Diet & Nutrition degree-qualified Health Professionals, recognised and registered with the Health Care Professions Council (HCPC). 

We are trained to provide diet therapy across a spectrum of disease and illness, as well as promote healthy eating and lifestyle across all ages and backgrounds in both disease prevention and health promotion. 

Our role is to ensure we offer factual, up-to-date and expert advise on how to manage your illness / optimise health by translating evidence based nutritional findings and science into practice; Centralising your care around identifying your needs, formulating your diagnosis and negotiating the best treatment right by you and your lifestyle.

What can we help with?



Emotional Eating & Behaviour Change

Post Bariatric Support

Weight Reduction

Malnutrition & Weight Gain


Fatty Liver

Kidney Disease

Tube Feeding

Coeliac Disease

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) 

Gastro (IBS/IBD)

Pancreatic Cancer/Disease

Liver Disease

Bile Acid Malabsorption

Neurological (MND, MS)

Stroke, Swallowing Difficulties

COPD/Lung Disease

Mental Health 

Learning Difficulties

Eldery Care



Nutritional Deficiencies

Holistic Health

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First consultation can 

last up to 90 minutes


Follow up consultations can 

last up to 45 minutes



3 Sessions - £240 

1 initial and 2 follow up appointments

(Save £60)

5 Sessions - £375

1 Initial and 4 follow up appointments 

(Save £95)

10 Sessions - £700

1 initial and 9 follow up appointments

(Save £195)

20 Sessions - £1300

1 initial and 19 follow up appointments

(Save £445)


See you at home

Consultations will take place in the comfort of your own home/office. Also available for Nutrition talks and seminars. 

Choosing2Change is not easy, but if you're ready to give it a go, drop us a message and we'll help you get the ball rolling. 

Our Team


Consultant Dietitian

Working for both the NHS & Privately, I provide personalised and tailored care for a broad variety of diet and nutritional needs in both illness and health. I provide face to face consultations in the comfort of client homes, mostly across Luton, St Albans & London areas, but can also consider other locations too.

I take a passionate and motivational approach, focusing on tackling the why and why not of diet and lifestyle changes. By identifying and exploring the daily barriers to change, and common triggers that may result in particular eating behaviours and habits, we will be able to intervene and make mindful habit changes in order for clients to continue making better choices long after seeing a dietitian. 

Providing professional and evidence based therapies, yet being as passionate and driven to get you to where you want to be, we strive in making your time worth it, and making sure you do as we promote, be a Healthier Happier You. 

Nutrition BSc 

Health Promotion & Public Policy MSc 

Human Nutrition & Dietetics BSc

CBT Diploma

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